Winter Sessions is tuition-only.

Current per-credit-hour tuition rates are available on the tuition and fees calculator.

Billing policies

Charges for Winter Sessions courses are included on the spring semester bill, but are computed separately from the spring semester’s charges. Payment is due by the date listed on the invoice.

VCU does not mail paper bills. Students are notified at their official VCU email address when their eStatements are available. Students can access the billing and payment website through eServices and should view their detailed eStatements. Students can also assign an authorized user through the billing and payment website. Authorized users may view eStatements and make online payments on behalf of the student.

For more information about billing and payment, visit the Student Financial Services website or call (804) 828-2228.

The university reserves the right to revise or alter all fees, regulations pertaining to student fees and fee-collection procedures at any time.

Third-party payments

Some students have their tuition and/or fees paid by outside agencies or businesses. Student Accounting will bill a third-party sponsor for charges if a valid authorization from the third-party sponsor is received on or before the beginning of Winter Sessions. The authorization must provide the amount, method of payment and approximate date the payment will be sent to the university, and must be unconditionally guaranteed. Should the third party default for any reason, the student is financially responsible for the charges.

Financial aid

A Winter Sessions class counts as part of the spring load for financial aid purposes. For more information, visit the Student Financial Services website or call (804) 828-1550.